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Appendix A: Index of Annual Reporting Requirements

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As a Commonwealth statutory authority, the CEFC has a range of annual reporting requirements set by legislation, subordinate legislation and reporting guidelines. See Figure 58.

Statutory Requirement Legislation Reference Section
Index of Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act) and 
Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Rule 2014 
(PGPA Rule) Annual Reporting Requirements

Provision of Annual Report (including financial statements and performance report) to responsible Minister by 15 October each year

PGPA Act, section 46

Letter of Transmittal

Board statement of approval of annual report with section 46 of the PGPA Act

PGPA Act, section 46

PGPA Rule, section 17BB

Letter of Transmittal

Annual performance statements

PGPA Act, section 39

PGPA Rule, section 16F and 17BE(g)


Board statement of compliance of performance report with section 39 of the PGPA Act

PGPA Act, section 39

PGPA Rule, section 16F


Annual financial statements for Commonwealth entities

PGPA Act, sections 42 and 43(4)

PGPA (Financial Reporting) Rule 2015 Australian Accounting Standards


Board statement of compliance on the financial statements with section 42(2) of the PGPA Act

PGPA Act, section 42


Parliamentary standards of presentation

PGPA Rule, section 17BC

All of the report

Plain English and clear design, including glossary

PGPA Rule, section 17BD

All of the report

Details of the legislation establishing the body

PGPA Rule, section 17BE(a)


Summary of the objects and functions of the entity as set out in the legislation

PGPA Rule, section 17BE(b)(i)


Summary of the purposes of the entity as included in the entity’s corporate plan for the period

PGPA Rule, section 17BE(b)(ii)


Names and titles of responsible Ministers

PGPA Rule, section 17BE(c)


Directions given to the entity by a Minister under an Act or instrument

PGPA Rule, section 17BE(d)


Government Policy Orders that applied in relation to the entity during the period under section 22 of the PGPA Act

PGPA Rule, section 17BE(e)


Particulars of non-compliance with a Ministerial direction or a Government Policy Order

PGPA Rule, section 17BE(f)


Statement of any significant issue reported to the responsible Minister under section 19(1)(e) of the PGPA Act that relates to non-compliance with the finance law and an outline of the action that has been taken to remedy the non-compliance

PGPA Rule, sections 17BE(h) and (i)

Not applicable –
no incidents

Information on the Board and Board members

PGPA Rule, section 17BE(j)

2, 3

Outline of the organisational structure

PGPA Rule, section 17BE(k)


Outline of the location of major activities or facilities

PGPA Rule, section 17BE(l)

Inside front cover

Main corporate governance practices used

PGPA Rule, section 17BE(m)


Related entities, transactions and decision-making process

PGPA Rule, sections 17BE(n) and (o)

2, 3

Any significant activities and changes that affected the operations or structure

PGPA Rule, section 17BE(p)


Particulars of judicial decisions or decisions of administrative tribunals that have had, or may have, a significant effect on the operations

PGPA Rule, section 17BE(q)


Particulars of any report on the entity given during the period by:

(i) the Auditor General, other than a report under section 43 of the PGPA Act; or

(ii) a Committee of either House, or of both Houses, of the Parliament; or

(iii) the Commonwealth Ombudsman; or

(iv) the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

PGPA Rule, section 17BE(r)


Explanation where required information is unable to be obtained from subsidiaries

PGPA Rule, section 17BE(s)

Not applicable

Details of any indemnity that applied to the Board, Board members or Officers

PGPA Rule, section 17BE(t)


Index identifying where the requirements of section 17BE of the PGPA Rule are found

PGPA Rule, section 17BE(u)

This is the index

Index of Clean Energy Finance Corporation Act 2012 (CEFC Act) Requirements

Total value of section 63 investments, by reference to the class of clean energy technologies

CEFC Act, section 74(1)(a)


Realisation of any section 63 investments

CEFC Act, section 74(1)(b)


Explanation of why less than half of the funds are invested in renewable energy technologies

CEFC Act, section 74(1)(c)


Concessions given by the Corporation

CEFC Act, section 74(1)(d)


Balance sheet setting out, as at the end of the financial year, the assets and liabilities and a statement of cash flows

CEFC Act, section 74(1)(e)


Remuneration and allowances of Board members and senior staff

CEFC Act, section 74(1)(f)

2, 3

Operating costs and expenses

CEFC Act, section 74(1)(g)


Benchmark report of operating costs and expenses of other comparable entities

CEFC Act, section 74(1)(h)


Procurement contracts of more than $80,000

CEFC Act, section 74(1)(i)


Credits and debits to the CEFC Special Account

CEFC Act, section 74(1)(j)

2, 3

Reporting on each of the things referred to in sections 74(1)(d) to (i) of the CEFC Act for subsidiaries

CEFC Act, section 74(2)

Reporting for the subsidiary has been included in the reporting for the CEFC as set out in the sections above

Index of Clean Energy Finance Corporation Investment Mandate Direction 2016 (No. 2) requirements

Reporting on non-financial investment outcomes, Clean Energy Innovation Fund, Sustainable Cities Investment Program and Reef Funding Program


Investment Mandate, section 15

Other statutory annual reporting requirements

Equal Employment Opportunity Report

Equal Employment Opportunity (Commonwealth Authorities) Act 1987, section 9


Work Health and Safety Report

Work Health and Safety Act 2011, Schedule 2, Part 4, section 4


Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Report

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, section 516A


Figure 58: Index of CEFC annual reporting requirements