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Investment Leverage

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The CEFC plays a central role in catalyzing or ‘crowding in’ additional private sector capital to enable projects to proceed and to support increased investment in the clean energy sector. This leverage of additional investment allows the CEFC to increase the impact of CEFC finance, by using our finance, expertise and market reach to help drive additional investor interest in clean energy opportunities. 

In the reporting period, we achieved an overall investment leverage of more than $2.00 of private sector investment for each $1.00 of new CEFC committed investments. 

Cumulative leverage across the overall portfolio was more than $2.10 at 30 June 2017, with each $1.00 of CEFC investment since 2013 helping catalyze more than an additional $2.10 from the private sector.

This leverage remains an important indicator of the contribution of the CEFC in building financing capability and expanding the scale of clean energy investment in Australia. It also indicates the continued willingness of private sector investors to work alongside the CEFC to develop and deliver clean energy projects and programs.