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Clean Energy Innovation Fund

The Clean Energy Innovation Fund is a $200 million program supporting the growth of innovative clean energy technologies and businesses which are critical to Australia’s clean energy transformation.

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Established in 2016-17, the Innovation Fund targets technologies and businesses that have passed beyond the research and development stage, and which can benefit from early stage seed or growth capital to help them progress to the next stage of their development.

The venture capital market in Australia is dominated by investments in health, property and manufacturing. Venture capital transactions in the clean energy market were limited prior to the creation of the Clean Energy Innovation Fund. 

The Innovation Fund uses CEFC finance to invest in innovative clean energy companies and projects. It is operated in consultation with ARENA, drawing on the complementary experience and expertise of the two organizations. Final investment approval is provided by the CEFC Board, which is responsible for all CEFC investment commitments made under the CEFC Act.

CEFC Finance in Action: Clean Energy Innovation Fund

Clean Energy Seed Fund

$10 million as a cornerstone investor in Australia’s first Clean Energy Seed Fund, which raised $26 million, exceeding investor expectations. Managed by Artesian Venture Partners, it invests in start-ups via clean energy accelerators.

The investments in the Clean Energy Seed Fund from high profile institutional investors are a validation of the Fund’s objectives and a huge vote of confidence that Australian clean energy entrepreneurs and startups can be at the forefront of the revolution in clean energy innovation.
Jeremy Colless
Artesian Managing Partner

Carbon Revolution

$10 million equity investment in Carbon Revolution, to scale-up production of its unique one-piece carbon fibre car wheels, which help to reduce fuel consumption and in turn lower vehicle carbon emissions. Production will grow to more than 100,000 wheels a year by 2021.

We are delighted with the support that we have received from existing as well as new shareholders, particularly the Clean Energy Innovation Fund. It demonstrates the increasing support for innovation and advanced manufacturing in Australia.
James Douglas
Carbon Revolution Chairman


$5 million equity investment in GreenSync, a new generation energy innovator using smart software controls and coordination to integrate renewable energy and battery storage systems into the grid, extending clean energy to more businesses and consumers.

Our hardware and software provide smart layers of control that help better manage energy consumption. We’re aiming to optimise electricity grids to enable a supply that contains more than 80 per cent renewable energy.
Phil Blythe
GreenSync Founder and CEO

SEA Electric

$5 million debt finance to SEA Electric to scale-up the manufacture of its electric drive systems, used to convert light weight vehicles used for express freight, general delivery and waste collection, to 100 per cent electric operation, tackling an important source of emissions.

Our electric drive systems are becoming increasingly cost competitive with equivalent petrol or diesel engines, which means that businesses using these vans and trucks can consider 100 per cent electric vehicles on a commercial basis, as well as for their environmental benefits.
Tony Fairweather
SEA Electric Executive Chairman